බට සොරකමට ආ ප්‍රදේශිය සහා මන්ත්‍රීට වැඩ වරදි සෙල්ලම් පිස්තොලයකින් සෙල්ලම් පෙන්වුවෙකු අත්අඩංගුවට අනවසර විදුලි රැහැනකින් විදුලිසැර වැදි පුද්ගලයෙකු ජිවීතක්ෂයට අල්ලස් කොමිසමේ නිලධාරින්ගේ අලුත්ම වික්‍රමය සෑම ආගමික සිද්ධස්ථානයකට ම නොමිලේ සූර්යපැනල

Echo Entertainment

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The Echo Entertainment was founded by Ashan Fernando. In end of the 2018 officially started the company as a record label company. All music productions can do with us. Specially we focus in Music audio songs and video songs. Productions are doing in under supervising Ashan Fernando. We use latest technology in the international industry level. We have our own recording studio with quality facilities. All our team members are working hard to give a unforgettable movements for our valuable customers and the fans. We can give a value for your music production. Also we provide all Digital Service including Ringing tones for all mobile operators in Sri Lanka. Echo Entertainment is experte company for TV, Social Media commercials. We can give you a value for your brand name with our commercials.