Kelum Dissanayake

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Kelum Dissanayake was born on 1988.He was well known popular lyrics writer in Srilanka. Over a period of more than 5 years Kelum Dissanayake has not only maintained a steady flow of new music that continues to push the boundaries of contemporary song writer throughout his career. During his resent years as a song writer he has written Me Sansare - (2017), Husma -(2019), Mathaka Thiyagnna -(2021) , Oba Gana Mathake -(2020) , Anurawee - (2021), Doni - (2019), Obai Dewdu - (2020), Obe Athin Alla - (2020), Hadawathe Kella- (2021), Prashnayak Ahnnada -(2021), Inna laga asai -(2021), Lassana Dawasaka - (2021), Illuwoth Dennam - (2021), Saththai - (2020) Those celebrated hits are not simply standalone achievements, but powerful invitations to the solid lyricist Kelum has offered.

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